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DRIFTING SUN: Safe Asylum (2016). A small "review"...

  I learned about Drifting Sun almost 1.5 years ago, with the release of the album Trip the Life Fantastic. Upon the release of that album, I wrote a small review, which you can read here is you want:

 Furthermore, we had Pat Sanders - the mastermind and leader of Drifting Sun – as our guest in Prog & Roll back then, together with Dan Storey (guitar/bass), and we did a small presentation of the album.
  Just a couple of weeks ago, Drifting Sun released their new album named Safe Asylum.
The procedure I will follow will be almost the same with their previous album; so here I am, writing a small “review” again, and furthermore on next Sunday the 5th of June, we will have Pat Sanders as our guest in Prog & Roll once more.
          Now let’s take a closer look at the album:
  Safe Alylum has a fantastic cover, made by A Russian artist as Pat told us, but I don’t remember the name to be honest. But in comparison with “Trip” this is better by far! As for the music, it is clear to me that the band tried to create something different this time, in comparison with their previous album. ‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ was a lighter and more melodic album, with Pat’s piano being the leading instrument in most occasions. It was including shorter compositions and more “catchy” melodies. Safe Asylum is darker, with longer and more complex compositions. Because of that, it needs a few more listening in order to appreciate it. With every listening the album “grows” in you, and then it is very hard to leave it aside. There are some similarities with the previous album of course, like for example the beautiful melodic passages and the strong guitar riffs and solos.
  Safe Asylum includes 8 tracks (plus 2 bonus in the limited edition). 3 of them were included in last year’s EP release, under the name ‘Alice’. These 3 songs are: Alice, Vagabond and Emphasis.
  I am not going to get into details and write about each song separately, but I will mention my most favourite songs, which are the following: The Hidden Truth, Intruder, Desolation-Retribution, Wonderland and Gods. The latter is the highlight of the album. (In my opinion, of course).
  Although Safe Asylum is a rather different album in comparison with ‘Trip’, it is equally good if not better. Definitely a very serious piece of work that deserves your attention!
Recommended to the fans of modern Progressive Rock, Neo-Prog and to all those who can appreciate a well-structured album, with beautiful melodies and strong emotions in it.
              My Rating would be 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.
By clicking on the following links you will be able to listen to a couple of songs from the album. 
Enjoy! :-)
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