Thursday, May 26, 2016

TV Series: 11.22.63 (By Stephen King) (2016)

 I had no idea about this series, until a friend recommended it to me. Because I saw that it was a one shot series, and only 8 episodes, I decided to sit down and watch it. Also, the name of Stephen King was a very important factor in my decision.
Although I don’t consider myself as a “fan” of Steven King anymore, I have read and watched many of his works during the years. I surely believe that he is a very talented writer, but I stopped following him many years ago. 

  11.22.63 is based on one of his books, that I had no idea about its existence (until now at least) . The main story is about a man who has time-travelled to the 60's. And what would you do if you are an American and could time travel to the 60's? Well, try to save JFK of course!
I will try not to write too many things, because I don’t want to reveal any of the surprises or the turns of the plot and spoil it for you.
  One of the interesting facts, is that “Mr. Amberson” discovers a “time hole” that can bring him back to the 60’s, but only at a specific date and place. Also, despite the time he is spending back in time, when he returns, he discovers that only a few minutes have passed in real time. Further than that, he will soon realize that every time he’s coming back and tries to return to the 60’s the past resets, and everything is the same once more. The only thing he could do in order to change the past, is to go back, try to change whatever he can, return to present and never go back again. But as he will soon find out, every time he is trying to change something from the past, the past resists, and puts him in a lot of troubles and dangers, even for his own life.
  I really enjoyed watching this series, which I finished in just 3 days. Stephen King left his marks almost everywhere, and I loved watching the small details he placed here and there. In the last episode for example, when Mr. Amberson and his girlfriend Sadie Dunhill try to enter the building where Lee Oswald is hiding in order to kill JFK. As they enter, they run to the staircase, and for a brief moment you can see written on the wall the word “Redrum” with red letters. (This is taken from ‘The Shining’).
I won’t continue writing this post, because there is no need to say anything else, but WATCH IT!
One of the best mini TV series I watched lately.
As for my rating, I would give a number between 8.50 – 9.00
                   IMDB’s rating is 8.5
By clicking on the following link you will be able to watch the trailer.