Friday, May 6, 2016

PROG & ROLL including an interview with Dave Cousins (Strawbs)

  I'm writing this post in order to inform you that during this Sunday's (8/4) Prog & Roll radio show we will play some parts of the interview we took a few days ago from the leader of Strawbs, Dave Cousins.
 A couple of weeks ago we got in touch with Anne Leighton, the managher of Strawbs, and she gave us permition to have an interview with this very big musician. So a few days ago, we called Mr. Cousins at his home and spoke with him for almost 40 minutes. He told us many interesting stories from his long career with the Strawbs, about the many musicians he worked with, about the modern Progressive Rock music, and many other things as well. 
 So, during the first hour of this Sunday's Prog & Roll we will play some selected parts of the interview, mixed with beautiful songs from The English Prog Rock and Prog Folk music scene of the 70's. There is also a big chance that Anne Leighton will join our show from her home in America.
 This interview was one of the most important things we did as radio producers, and we are very happy and proud that we had the chance to speak with a true legend of Progressive Rock/Folk music.
 I really believe that this show will be a very interesting one, so try not to miss it!
I would like to remind you that Prog & Roll is an internet live radio show, and it begins at 20.00 UK time. The broadcasting is mostly in  English, but also in Greek as well.
If you want to listen and maybe join our chatbox as well, just click on the following link on Sunday the 8th of May at 20.00 UK time:
I hope to "see" you there! :-)
Thank you!