Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TV Series: THE MUSKETEERS (Seasons 1 & 2).

 If you are a man who grew up with this really wonderful book by Alexander Dumas, then you are going to find this series very enjoyable without a doubt. As for the women, well…  If you enjoy watching sexy guys engaging in sword fighting, romancing women, cracking a few jokes and battling the enemy - and all of it set within 17th century France - then this is the show for you as well… 

  I discovered this series totally by luck and without having read anything about them, I decided to give it a try. The result was that both me and my wife were hooked - not to say swamped - by it and we finished the first two seasons within a week!
  It's a BBC series of stand-alone episodes, but with a long-term story arc developing in the background, which finally comes together with the series finale. It's not a drama that has complex story lines or anti-heroes and it doesn't stick faithfully to the original book source, which may annoy some people, though all the main characters are present.  It's just a 'lighter' drama, for those who want to watch something different to the almost constant dark and gritty crime dramas that are common today.
   All the famous characters from the book are present: Porthos, Aramis, Athos and of course D’ Ardagnan as the country bumpkin. As for Cardinal Richelieu, he is maybe the best one ever appeared in any movies or series with the same subject. Peter Capaldie plays a villain who is far from pantomime, very much lingering in the background during the first half of the series and gradually becoming more unstable as the series goes on, as he tries to prevent Queen Anne and others from having too much influence over the good natured but childlike King Louis. Peter Capaldie does a fine job of portraying a character who's not really a villain in his own mind, because he genuinely wants what's best for France. He's even charming before his need for control becomes more dangerous. In the 2nd season a new villain makes his appearance, who is no other than Count Rochefort, played by Marc Warren. (Also a very good performance).               
  There is a lot of violence included in the show, which you'd expect with a drama that involves lots of sword fighting, guns & knives, but there's no sex scenes (only bed scenes) and very little swearing, which means you could watch it with older children, as long as you were comfortable with the level of violence.
  So, let’s sum up: The Musketeers is a very easy-going enjoyable TV Series that can be easily watched both by man, women and/or children of a certain age. It includes lots of action, beautiful costumes, very convincing set-up, lots of sword fighting and a good sense of humor mixed with romance.
  The only problem for me is that although the 3rd season was planned for January 2016, it hasn’t been released so far. There are rumors that the 3rd season will be the final one and it is going to be released in May 2016. Well, we’ll have to wait and see I guess…
 The Musketeers has an average rating of 7.8 on IMDB.
                             My rating would be 8.0
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