Friday, July 27, 2012

BLACKFIELD: Welcome to my DNA (2011)

I have to admit that this is a little late.
‘Welcome to my DNA’ album has been released one year ago, but I didn’t have the blog then. 
So now that I can, I will write a review about this album and I hope it is not too late…
   For those who knows Steve Wilson, knows very well how good musician/composer and perfectionist he is. And if you know all these, surely this album came as a surprise.
(For those who don’t know Steve Wilson, I should say that he is the man behind Porcupine Tree, and Blackfield is a side project he has together with Aviv Geffen).
   The first 2 albums from Blackfield are very good works in my opinion. More Pop orientated, but including very nice songs, beautiful melodies, and there are differences in style and sound than Porcupine Tree.
But this 3rd album, I don’t know. It is not a bad album, but it is not a good one either.
The sound has changed, and the style now is more mellow/emotional and for sure darker.
   One thing I learned later on, is that Steve Wilson actually wrote only one song here, and he is participating in 3-4 more. All the rest are Aviv Geffen’s works. And that explains many things. 
Later on I read that Steven Wilson is slowly slowly retiring from Blackfield, leaving the band to Aviv Geffen, because he is going to focus on Porcupine Tree and his solo career.
(As far as I know, Blackfield will release their 4th album soon, and Steven Wilson is making the mixing and production. He will also sing in a couple of songs and that’s all!)
   Welcome to my DNA has some nice moments, but I surely don’t recommend it to Porcupine Tree fans. Is not a bad album, but there is something missing...
And if I had to give a rating, that would be 4/10…