Monday, July 30, 2012

TV Series: Sons of Anarchy (Season 1&2)

   As I wrote in a preview post I have heard many things about these series, and I wanted very much to see it. Thankfully a friend gave me the 4 seasons ready, and a couple of weeks ago I started watching it.
I can say many things both good and bad. But I will not! :P
   These series in a few words are: Too many tough guys, too many guns, too much violence, and too many bikes. If you think you don’t have a problem with these ingredients then you should watch Sons of Anarchy. Otherwise don’t…
   The story is about a biker’s club that their members are selling guns as their main activity, (among a few others but always illegal) , and fighting with everybody! Other rival clubs, the police, the federal police, the neo-nazi’s, and in general with whoever tries to get in their way.
   The annoying thing for me is that all these things are happening in a small town in California called ‘Charming’! hahaha. What I mean is that how many clubs with gangsters, how many killings, how many drugs etc can a really small town take? And everybody behaves like nothing is happening! Everything is normal! That thing really bothered me a lot. If it was in New York, Los Angeles or any other big city, I could understand that. But in a small peaceful town??? Hmmmm...
   Watching the first season, I didn’t know if I wanted to continue or not. That’s why I didn’t write any review. I decided to continue, and now that I finished the second season, I must admit that it became a lot better and more interesting.
   Each season consists of 13 episodes of 40 – 60 minutes long. The first and the last are 50-60 minutes. The in-between are usually 40-45 minutes each.
I will continue watching it, and probably my next review will be for seasons 3 & 4 together, unless something really exciting comes up.
The truth is that the second season finishes in such a way that you want to start the third season right away! Hehehe
Well, let’s wait and see what happens… 
 I forgot to mention, that in Imdb the rating for SoA is 8.7.
 Not bad at all eh?
 Here is the trailer video from season 2...