Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles)...

  Here's another cartoon for you folks!
This time it is a very good one I believe.
  I was always curious what is the meaning of the lyrics in this song, but I was too bored to look for it.
Well, now I know! :P (Not that it makes any sense, the lyrics are totally crazy!)
  I made a small research for this song, and here's what I found: This is a Paul Mc Cartney's song, and except him, none of the other 3 Beatles liked it. It was written dueing the period that Mc Cartney was all the time "high" and he was trying psychedelic drugs, so that explains the crazy lyrics in a way...
Anyway, here is the song Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles in a cartoon.
Enjoy it! :)