Saturday, July 28, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box # 10

Here I am again! :)
My usual Top-5 list is ready. This week it was difficult for me to choose, cause I listened lots of music, and lots of great songs as well! After I put some thought on it, I decided which are best 5 ones.
I surely left some great songs out of the list, but that's normal I guess.
So, here we go:

TOOL: Schism (Lateralus - 2001)
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: Childlike Faith in Childhood's End
 (Still Life - 1976)
PAVLOVS DOG: Theme from Subway Sue
(Pampered Menial- 1975)
TIM BUCKLEY: Strange Street Affair Under Blue (Tim Buckley - 1966)
RAMMSTEIN: Fruhling in Paris (Liebe ist fur Alle da - 2009)
  Bonus Track: TOOL: 10.000 days (10.000 Days - 2006)

Please allow me this small "cheating". I couldn't decide between Schism and 10.000 days. The second one is by far my most favourite, but because "Nighteyes" has used it 2 weeks ago, I just put it out of the list as an extra track... :)
Now, let's see how many of you are in the mood for posting their Top-5 lists, and see which nice songs you have listened this last week... :)