Monday, February 4, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: The Song of the Month!

Good morning everybody! :)
Last night as you know already we had this special event on our Radio show.
We had to choose the best song for January, and this song would be the first of the annual Top-12 as well.
Every month we will do the same, so in the end of this year  we will announce Prog & Roll's Top-12. (One song for each month).
Last night's show had two parts: The first one that lasted almost 50 minutes that it was our normal program, and the second one that lasted almost 70 minutes and it was 'The Song of the Month' contest.
 We had 11 songs in the 'best of the best' list,  and the fight was tough. Especially the first 3 were really very close to each other!
But the winner had to be only one.
And the winning song for January is: ELOY - The Sun Song (Dawn - 1976)
And here is the list with the 11 songs and their final standings, after last night's show:
(Inside the parenthesis is the average rating that they achieved last night)

1. ELOY: The Sun Song (8.50)
2. WISHBONE ASH: Throw Down the Sword (8.44)
3. STRAWBS: Autumn (8.41)
4. PINK FLOYD: Comfortably Numb (Live 1988) (7.72)
5. PROCOL HARUM: A Whiter Shade of Pale (Live 2008) (7.61)
7. SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century (7.34)
8. THE BEATLES: Let it Be (7.22)
9. VAN MORRISON: Moondance (7.18)
10. BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Paper Wings (6.94)
11. RENAISSANCE: Opening out (6.40)

 I want to thank all of you that logged in last night, and helped us with your grades, your comments etc.
I believe it was a very nice night with lots of great music but also lots of fun! (As always).
In the following video you can listen to the winning song: