Monday, June 2, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 1/6/2014. The full playlist...

Hello all!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll Radio Show, and this time GFreedom Team was complete, as my co-host returned from her travel. In last night's playlist we decided to make a small tribute to the Greek Rock music scene during the first half hour, and another small tribute to the classic Hard-Rock of the '70's during the second half hour. After that the show went normally as usual. I think the music in general was very interesting and the people who were listening seemed to enjoy it. They also learned a few songs or bands they never heard of before, and that was another good point.
As for the whole playlist, you can see it here:
1st Part: WE.OWN.THE.SKY: Alterecho / INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE: Shade / VERBAL DELIRIUM: So Close and yet so far Away / WILL-O-THE WISP: Elbereth / CICCADA: She Went for Love.
2nd Part: RORY GALLAGHER: I’m not Awake yet / DEEP PURPLE: Fireball / LED ZEPPELIN: The Rover / THIN LIZZY: Killer on the Loose / URIAH HEEP: Sweet Freedom.
3rd Part: FOCUS: Sugar Island / HORSLIPS: Trouble / TAMALONE: Good Earth Wine / CRESSIDA: To Play Your Little Game / FRUMPY: Indian Rope Man / JANE: Daytime / CARAVAN: Golf Girl.
4rth Part: IQ: From the Outside in / PORCUPINE TREE: Waiting Phase One / FISH: High Wood / COMEDY OF ERRORS: Remembrance / PROCOL HARUM: A Salty Dog.

I want to thank all of you who joined our show last night, and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll "see you" online on next Sunday night...