Monday, June 23, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 22/6/2014 with 3 Special Guests on the chatbox...

Good morning all!
  On last night's Prog & Roll something great and fun happened. We had been informed that Stephan Desbiens would be joining our show as a guest on the chatbox in order to listen to our show, and have a chat with us and our listeners.
  Stephan Desbiens is a Canadian musician/composer, and was the leader of the band 'Sense'. From 2006 he has his personal project going, 'The D Project', on which many famous (or not) musicians are participating from time to time.On our behalf we prepared a presentation on his latest album 'Making Sense' which  is a very interesting album with many beautiful moments, in order to honor him.
 We knew that in his previous album Stuart Nicholson (the singer and leader of Galahad) participated in a couple of songs, so we spoke and invited him to our show in order to surprise Stephane. And so it happened!
  At the start of our show, Stephane logged in and we started chating about his latest album, the musicians he used for the recordings, some live performances they will give this summer etc. In the meantime we were playing songs from his album mixed with other songs. Almost 40 minutes later Stuart Nicholson joined the chatbox as well, and Stephane seemed surprised and very happy about it. The conversation was very interesting, and some of our listeners were participating as well. And a bit later Stephan's producer and lyricist joined the chatbox. (His name is Francis Foy, and many years ago he worked for some time with Pink Floyd as a sound engineer if I understood well). He was a very friendly and funny guy, and he set the chatbox on fire!
 Because everybody seemed to enjoy the whole thing, we decided to expand our show for half hour, and so we did.
 In my opinion it was a very nice show, we had a very warm and friendly "atmosphere" in the chatbox, and as it seemed our listeners and our guests had some great time.
 As for the whole playlist you can see it here:

LIFE LINE PROJECT: Join us! / THE D PROJECT: Rearview Mirror / FOCUS: Hocus Pocus / THE D PROJECT: Making Sense / RAINBOW: Eyes of the World / GIARDINI DI MIRO: Time on Time / THE D PROJECT: What is Real / DREAM THEATER: Under a Glass Moon / THE D PROJECT: Nothing here is Innocent & Missing Star / GALAHAD: Termination / RUSH: The Spirit of Radio / THE D PROJECT: Spanish Castle / MARILLION: Script for a Jester’s Tear / THE D PROJECT: Dagger / CAMEL: Camelogue / COCKNEY REBEL: Psychomodo / DAVID BOWIE: Cracked Actor / THE D PROJECT: Out of Range-Out of Time / STEVEN WILSON: Postcard / SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century.
 I would like to thank all of you who logged in last night, and of course Stephan Desbiens, Stuart Nicholson and Francis Foy. It was a great night, and all those who couldn't log in missed one of Prog & Roll's finest moments...