Friday, June 6, 2014

Prog & Roll Radio Show with a "Special Guest"...

Hello all!
I'm writing this in order to inform you that on this Sunday's Prog & Roll Radio Show we will have as a "Special Guest" live on the chatbox Anton Roolaart. 
Anton is a very promising new musician, and he will log in at the time of the show, and he will be chating with us and all those who will be online at that time.
We will present his latest album "The Plight of Lady Oona" on which there is a very Special Guest singing. And this "Special Guest" is no other than Annie Haslam from Renaissance.
Here's a small biography about him taken from "Prog Archives" in case you want to take a look:
   When you find an artist like ANTON ROOLAART who combines both approaches, we are before a musician who deserves to be supported because has the courage to respect and keep alive the early spirit of Symphonic but also the vision to accept that times change and something new has to be added to what is already available. 
  ANTON was born in Netherlands but being very young, he moved with his family to United States, he grew listening Classical music that his father loved so much and shared with him, at the age of 13 decides to study Classical guitar before exploring the secrets of the instrument by his own. As a teenager he was exposed to the Classic Prog acts like Yes Genesis and Pink Floyd which made him develop a passion for the challenging genre what made him start to write some songs and perform his material in numerous clubs on the Charlotte NC area while studying electrical and multi-track sound engineering in College. In the next years and being obsessive about the evolution and development of Progressive Rock he decided to expand his studies to Jazz guitar, Piano and Drums, which have been very important for the release of his debut album "Dreamer". Following his career in music he created to contribute to the knowledge of the genre and performed as vocalist in the Spanish based band JESDAT on their debut "City Lights" and with who he's working for their next project. Around the year 2003 ANTON decides it's time to release his first solo effort and starts to work on it, after years of careful work and absolute dedication mostly in his home studio and today, April 24, 2007, "Dreamer" is officially releasesed.
   But we're not talking only about ANTON ROOLAART, he counts with the participation of such musicians as the talented keyboardist "Rave Tesar" (RENAISSANCE - ANNIE HASSLAM); "Rich Berends" (MASTERMIND) and "Charles DesCarfino", both on drums plus "Vincent Puryear" on Bass.This excellent album combines the spirit of British Symphonic, Flemish roots and modern technologies and it's an excellent addition for any Progressive Rock Collection. 

 And here you can listen to a song taken from his latest album, so you can have a small idea: