Monday, April 18, 2016

Prog & Roll Radio show (17/4/2016). The complete playlist.

Good morning all! :-)
Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was on air as usual. 
This time we divided our show into 2 major parts, the Non-Prog and the Prog one. Each of these 2 parts was divided into 2 half hours parts as well.
We had many people listening once more, and some of them were participating in the chatbox as well. 
As for the music, I think it was very nice but kind of cool and relaxing. We didn't include any powerful and "noisy" songs this time.
Here you can take a look at the full playlist:
                              The Non-Prog Hour:
1st Part: MUSE: Song of a Dying Atheist / THE PINNEAPLE THIEF: The One you Left to Die / PURESSENCE: How Does it Feel? / TARNATION: Your Thoughts & Mine / CALEXICO: Alone Again or / MADRUGADA: Stories from the Streets.
2nd Part: VELVET UNDERGROUND: I’ll be your Mirror / STONE CIRCUS: What Went Wrong / THE ROLLING STONES: Mother’s Little Helper / TIM BUCKLEY: Strange Street Affair Under Blue / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Mexico / THE BEATLES: Strawberry Fields Forever / LOVE: She Comes in Colors / THE WHO: Relay.

                                 The Prog Hour:
3rd Part:APHRODITE’S CHILD: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall / PROCOL HARUM: All this and More / SPRING: The Prisoner / EDEN: Erwartung / NOVALIS: Dammerung.
4th Part: DULCIMER: Morman’s Casket / MATCHING MOLE: O Caroline / CARAVAN: The World is Yours.
"Epic" Song: CAMEL: Lady Fantasy.
I would like to say a big thanks to all those who tuned in last night. Prog & Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 24th of April for the last show on the month. That means that our show will be including The Listener's Happy Hour, during which we are playing the songs our listeners asked for.