Monday, April 25, 2016

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (24/4/2016). A small "review" & the complete playlist.

  Hello all! :-)
  Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was on air, which was including the Listener's Happy Hour as well. 
We didn't have so many people listening at start, but slowly slowly many more tuned in and from a point and on was very crowded. We had many people on the chatbox and from time to time we had lots of fun.
  The first 2 half-hour parts were shorter, because of the extended Listener's Happy Hour. This time our listener's asked for songs totally different from each other and it was really hard to combine them somehow. You will understand what I'm talking about if you take a look at the list below.
We also had a very touchy moment, when one of our UK-based listeners tuned in from New York. He was there for holidays, and at the time of the show he rushed back to the hotel in order to listen and chat with us. Ben, thanks a lot for doing that, it was really much appreciated! :-)
As for the show's complete playlist, you can see it here:  
Part 1: FLYING COLORS: Mask Machine / GALAHAD: Secret Kingdoms / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: 444.
Part 2: STEVEN WILSON: Don’t Hate Me / BLOOD CEREMONY: Loreley / ANDY WADE: Cloudy Water.
The Listener's Happy Hour: 
Part 1: ANGRA: Carry on / BLACK SABBATH: Heaven in Black / ARENA: Traveler Beware / BIRTH CONTROL: Gamma Ray / SMITHS: There is a Light that Never Goes out.
Part 2: SIMON & GARFUNKEL: Bridge over Troubled Water / FANTASY: Paint a Picture / BIG BIG TRAIN: Upton Heath / PINK FLOYD: High Hopes / CARAVAN: Hoedown / NEIL YOUNG: Cortez the Killer (Live).

I would like to thank everybody who tuned in last night, hoping that you guys enjoyed it. Prog & Roll will be back on the 8th of May, because on Sunday the 1st we will not have a show.
Thank you all! :-)