Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SIVERT HOYEM live in Athens (23/4/2016). The setlist and more...

  As I wrote in a previous post a few days ago, the ex-singer of Madrugada Sivert Hoyem, visited Greece for a mini live tour a few days ago.
  I went to his - sold out - live in Athens on the 23rd of April. I have seen Madrugada on stage 4-5 times in the past (but Sivert Hoyem only once at an acoustic - and kind of boring - concert), so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  Sivert Hoyem and his band came on stage on time and remained there for almost 100 - 110 minutes. Their performance was fantastic, mixing songs from his days with Madrugada and his solo material. In my opinion he should have played 2-3 more Madrugada songs, because his former band was – and still is – very famous in Greece. 

  The sound was clear and good, with only a few problems at the start of the show. Further than that, everything went fine.
His new band performed the songs perfectly on stage and his voice was excellent once more. 
I was kind of surprised by the different vesion of Madrugada's Majesty at start, but finally it was a really good one!
  For those who might be interested to check the songs he played that night, here’s the complete setlist:
Athens 23/4/2016
Black & Gold
Empty House
Lost At Sea
What's On Your Mind? (Madrugada)
Where Is My Moon
Honey Bee (Madrugada)
Prisoner Of The Road
Into The Sea
The Boss Bossa Nova
Görlitzer Park
Give It A Whirl
Majesty (Madrugada)
Sleepwalking Man

Electric (Madrugada)
Born To Die (Lana Del Rey)
The Kids Are On High Street (Madrugada)
Moon Landing
By clicking on the following links you will be able to see  some songs performed on stage from his live appearances in Greece. I tried to add the ones with the best quality possible. At 2.40 on the 3rd video, you will see Sivert Hoyem going down in the crowd and sing from there.