Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sivert Høyem (Ex-Madrugada) live in Greece.

    I’m writing this post in order to inform those who might be interested, that the charismatic ex-singer of the Norwegian band Madrugada will visit Greece for a few concerts.
  After the band split up in 2007, he followed a solo career. His discography as a solo artist consists of 5 studio albums so far, with ‘Lioness’ being his brand new one.
   Sivert Høyem will perform live in 4 cities in Greece in the following dates:
22/6: Volos 
23 & 24/6: Athens  
25/6: Heraklio – Crete.
 He was suppose to give only one concert in Athens on the 23rd,  but it became sold out very fast, so one more was added on the next day.
The tickets cost 22€, which is a fair price in my opinion.
  I have seen Madrugada live 4 or 5 times and  Sivert Høyem once, but I always had great time! That’s why I’ll go and see him once more on the 23rd of April.
  I did a small research, and found some setlists from his concerts. The most recent is this one:
17/3: Brussels Belgium: Lioness, Black & Gold, Empty House, Lost at Sea, What’s on your Mind? (Madrugada), Where in my Moon, Honey Bee (Madrugada), Prisoner of the Road, Into the Sea, V-O-I-D, The Boss Bossa Nova, Gorlitzer Park, Give it a Whirl, Majesty (Madrugada), Sleepwalking Man.
Encore: Electric (Madrugada), The Kids are on High Street (Madrugada), Moon Landing.
If you are living in Athens or you are just visitors, here’s a concert you shouldn’t miss!
By clicking on the following link you can see a live performance of the song 'Sleepwalking Man'.