Monday, November 19, 2012

Prog & Roll Radio Show: Last Night's Playlist...

Good morning everybody! :)
Last night we had one more Radio show, and this time we had something special planned.
On the second hour of our show, we made a presentation to a rather unknown Rock Opera:
'Into the Electric Castle" from the group Ayreon. It is a record that was released in 1998, and it contains many many guests. Among them are: Fish (Marillion's former singer), Anekke (from 'The Gathering'), Thjis Van Leer (former member of 'Focus') members from 'Within Temptation' and 'Anathema' etc..
We faced several microphone problems, that made us very stressed & confused, but we made the show anyway, and I'm hoping that the people that were listening had some good time and enjoyed it.
And here is the playlist:

SHADOW GALLERY: I believe / ANATHEMA: Deep / MARILLION: Market Square Heroes / ROXY MUSIC: Out of the Blue / GENESIS: The Lamb Lies down on Broadway / AMAGRAMA: Recluso Artista / ILUVATAR: Your Darkest Hour / PORCUPINE TREE: Hatesong / TRIUMPH: Lay it on the Line / RUSH: Limelight 
 AYREON ('Into the Electric Castle' presentation): Intro & Isis & Osiris / Time Beyond Time / Across the Rainbow Bridge / Valley of the Queens / The Castle Hall / Cosmic Fusion / The Mirror Maze / Another Time another Space.

I want to thank all those who were there to listen to our show, and they tried to help us overcome the problems we were facing. 
Thank you all! :)