Tuesday, November 13, 2012

THIN LIZZY live in Greece...

A few days ago, the band Thin Lizzy gave 2 live performances in Greece.
One in Athens at the Gagarin Club, and one in Thessaloniki at The Principal Club Theater.
First question that comes to mind when we hear the name Thin Lizzy' is: Whaaattt??
Which Thin lizzy? Without their Leader/Singer/Composer/ Bass player? Lets don't forget that Phil Lynott is dead for almost 2 decades now.
But anyway, this version of Thin Lizzy is a band that contains some members that were a part of Thin Lizzy once, plus 1-2 extra musicians.
Now, about the live performances...
The band played for almost 90 minutes, the setlist was very good, filled with almost all their big hits, + a few surprises. And I'm writing 'almost', because there was one very very big song missing: Johny the Fox! (Also Johnny in my opinion)...
But further than that, the band was very good, the songs were performed excellently, and even the singer's voice at many parts was reminding that of Phil Lynott's voice.
But as they announced this would be the last time they are touring using this name.
After this tour, they will get to the studio to record a new album, but with a different name.
So, this version of Thin Lizzy will soon be history anyway...
But the main and most important thing in my opinion is that they gave a very good show, they played the songs very well, and the people that went to see them enjoyed a surprisingly good concert!

And here is the playlist from these 2 concerts:

Are You Ready
Don't Believe Me
Killer On The Loose
Dancing In the Moonlight
Angel Of Death
Still In Love With You
Whisky In The Jar
Sha La La
Waiting For An Alibi
Cowboy Song
The Boys Are Back In Town

Black Rose

 And in the following video you can take a small idea about these concerts...