Thursday, November 8, 2012

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW: The Playlists...

As many of you know already, me and my wife are doing a radio show called "Prog & Roll", on a radio station on the internet . We did 6 shows so far, and on next Sunday we will do the 7th.
The music we play is mostly Rock, but with a Progressive Orientation. And with the term Progressive, don't think the hard-core bands only. Progressive is not a music style, is a general music orientation let's say...
Slowly slowly our company becomes bigger, and more people are joining us on Sunday nights.
I'm veryy happy to say that both us and our audience, are enjoying this 2- hours, and always wait with anticipation for the next one!
 Here I will put the playlists from these 6 shows, so you can have an idea and judge by yourself.

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.1:  27/9/2012
GENESIS: Dancing of the moonlight knight - MARILLION: Script for a jester’s tear
ARENA: The hangıng tree - ELOY: Future City - PAVLOV’S DOG: Song Dance - KANSAS: Can I tell you
 RUSH: Bastille Day - MARS VOLTA: The Widow - SIENNA ROOT: We are them
 KINGSTON WALL: I feel Love  (Music competition – Διαγωνισμος) - FRUUPP: The perfect wish
 JANE: Daytime - PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI: Sea of memory - FOCUS: Sylvia -
 WILL O THE WISP: Elbereth - BELLAPHONE: Evros - DEAD CAN DANCE: The Host of Seraphim.

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.2  4/10/2012
PINK FLOYD: In the Flesh - RUSH: Tom Sawyer - PORCUPINE TREE: The sound of muzak -
RIVERSIDE: The same river - TOOL: 10.000 days CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Fantastic Justice -
STRING DRIVEN THING: Heartfeeder - VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR: Cat’s eye-Yellow Fever-
CURVED AIR: Lovechild - JULIAN JAY SAVARIN: The Death of alda - ELOY: Plastic girl-
CAMEL: Lady Fantasy - WISHBONE ASH: Warrior - FLOWER KINGS: Atomic Prince-

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.3  11/10/2012
EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Jerusalem - CHRIS DE BURGH: Crusader- THE FLOWER KINGS: Rising the Imperial - PINK FLOYD: Fletcher Memorial Home - URIAH HEEP: Rainbow Demon - JOURNEY: Of a lıfetime-
KANSAS: Carry on wayward son - JETHRO TULL: Heavy Horses - MARILLION: Fugazi-
PENDRAGON: The Masquerade overture - PROCOL HARUM: Grand Hotel - RENAISSANCE: Scheherazade-
BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Moonwater - MOODY BLUES:Candle of life - APHRODITES CHILD: It’s 5 o clock - STRAWBS: Witchwood - DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars - CAMEL: Rajaz - ANNIE HASLAM: Still Life.

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.4: 25/10/2012
YES: Beyond and before - QUEEN: Brighton Rock - ROXY MUSIC: Ladytron - BLACKFIELD: Clowdy now -
TRAFFIC: Evening Blue - DAVID GILMOUR: Murder - GENESIS: Firth of Fifth - ASTRA: Drift
RENAISSANCE: Cold is being - FRUUPP: Crystal Book - WHISBONE ASH: Phoenix -
GALAHAD: Memories of an African Twin - RIVERSIDE: Out of Myself -
BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: Rainbow eyes (Music competition – Διαγωνισμος) - IQ: Sacred Sound
PENDRAGON: Schizo - ARENA: The Butterfly man.

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.5: 28/10/12 
TOOL: Schism - PORCUPINE TREE: Wedding Nails - NEKTAR: King of Twilight - PAVLOV’S DOG: Theme from Subway Sue - ILLUSION: The Revolutionary - EPIDAURUS: Actions & Reactions - PREMIATA FORNERIA MARKONI: Celebration - EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Still you turn me on - ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT: The Raven - MIKE OLDFIELD: 5 Miles out - LED ZEPPELIN: Misty Mountain Hop - BLACK SABBATH:The Wizard - RUSH: The Necromancer - BLIND GUARDIAN: Nightfall - BARCALY JAMES HARVEST: Galadriel
STYX: Lords of the ring - CAMEL: Nimrodel - ENYA: Lothlorien.

PROG & ROLL RADIO SHOW Νο.6: 4/11/2012
RHAPSODY (Of Fire): Emerald Sword - FRANK ZAPPA: My guitar wants to kill your mama -
SIENA ROOT: Coming home - WOOLF PEOPLE: Silbury Sands - ASHBURY: The Warning
BEATLES: Eleanor Rigby - GATHERING: Eleanor - LUCIFERS FRIEND: Spanish Galleon
LOVE SCULPTURE: In the Land of the Few - PROCOL HARUM: Conquistador
CARAVAN: Hello Hello - AFTER FOREVER: Who wants to live forever? (Music competition – Διαγωνισμος)
MERCURY REV: Holes - KING CRIMSON: In the Court of the Crimson King - PINK FLOYD: Julia Dream
AINUR: Son of Gloom - STEELEYE SPAN: Cam Ye O’er Frae France - SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century
BLACKFIELD: Christenings - FISH: 13th Star - CURVED AIR: The Dancer
MELLOW CANDLE: Heaven Heath - BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: Wish you Were  Here.

That's all so far, hope you find these lists interesting...
Our radio show is on every Sunday night between 20.00 -22.00 (GMT), and the boradcast is always on both Greek and English language...
If you are in the mood, you can listen to our program here: JustIn Case Radio
Thank you :)