Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Anthony A. Goodman: The Shadow of God

   This is a book I read since sometime ago, and I always wanted to write a post about it.
The book is a novel, but it is based on real historical events.
The story is about the siege of the fortified city of Rhodes from the huge army of Suleiman.
And here you can read a small preview of this wonderful book:
   [The year is 1522. Two great leaders, twenty-five-year-old Suleiman the Magnificent, the absolute ruler of the mighty Ottoman Empire, and Philippe de L'Isle Adam, the grisly, fifty-eight-year-old Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, come to war on the Greek island of Rhodes. For 145 days, Philippe and 500 European Knights fight to protect their fortressed city and withstand an assault of nearly 200,000 men from Suleiman's army, in a battle that becomes the historic hallmark for siege warfare.
Authentic in all its historical detail, The Shadow of God evokes a seismic clash of cultures: Muslim versus Christian, the Ottoman Empire versus the last remaining Knights of the Crusades and, most important, two of the most powerful men of their time. Embedded in this fictional account is the secret marriage of a lovely Jewish nurse to her Christian French Knight, as well as the forbidden love of the Grand Master for the beautiful Helene. An epic of bravery and courage, The Shadow of God weaves a tapestry of beauty, terror and triumph set in a forgotten time of brutality and courage, loyalty and honor].
   It is a book I strongly recommend to all those who enjoy reading Historical Novels, and are intrigued by mighty battles.