Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spotlights on: THE WISHING TREE

This is Steve Rothery's (Marillion) side project, together with his buddy Pete Trewavas (from Marillion as well). The band also features the gifted singer Hannah Stobart, and Paul Craddick on drums.
Steve Rothery here uses mostly acoustic guitar, that fits perfectly with Stobart's beautiful voice. But of course there are parts that he is showing how skilled guitarist he is, especially when he uses electric guitar. The band has released 2 albums so far, the first one in 1996 and the second one in 2009.
The music here is nothing like Marillion, and that is among the positives. Their sound is soft, melodic, with many folk influences. They are surely recommended to the fans of folk ballads, and to those who are fond of  Neo-Prog bands.
In the following videos you can listen to the song "Evergreen" from their first record named "Carnival of Souls", and you can watch them performing live the song "Fly" from their second record named "Ostara".
I hope many of you will find them interesting.
Enjoy! :)