Saturday, April 27, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.43

Today it's Saturday, and as usual I'll post here last week's top-5 songs.
For those who aren't familiar yet with these series of posts, I should say that every Saturday I write here the 5 songs that in my opinion are the best from all the songs I have listened through the past week.
And usually I'm listening to lots of music throughout the week, so sometimes is very hard for me to choose only 5 songs. But that's my personal challenge I guess... :)
So, here is my Top-5 for this week:

Transatlantic: We all need some Light (SMPT) - 2000
David Gilmour: Murder (About Face) - 1984
Black Sabbath: The Sign of the Southern Cross (Mob Rules) - 1981
Fields of the Nephilim: At the Gates of Silent Memory (Elyzium) - 1990
Arena: Sirens (Pride) - 1996 

This time as you can see, my Top-5 doesn't contain any songs from the '60's or the '70's, and this look kind of weird even to me! :P
Anyway, I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to write his/hers Top-5 songs (or records) for this week as a comment here on this blog, or at G+. It's interesting and fun to see which music other people are listening at their homes.
As for myself, I'm working a lot in order to have everything ready for tomorrow night's special Prog & Roll radio show. I want everything to be perfect!
That's all for now, and I'm wishing you all a great Weekend! :)