Monday, April 15, 2013

Prog & Roll Radio Show: Last night's Top-5 & playlist...

Have a great week everybody!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show, and here I will write the whole playlist and the top-5 songs as they were voted from our audience.
I'm very pleased with last night's show, because for the first time something amazing happened! All the songs in the Top-5 achieved to gather the required average in order to participate in the 'song of the month' contest. And not only those 5, but one more song as well. So 6 songs in total achieved to have an minimum average of 8.5 points out of 10. As you can easily understand the competition was really hard! And I can't think of what's going to happen in the final stage of the competition where there will be all those hi-rated songs alltogether! That will be very interesting! hehehe
Without further delay I give you the Top-5 songs from last night's playlist according to our audience's likings:
(And allthough I never do that at this stage, I will put next to each song the average points they achieved to gather, so you will see by yourselves how hard was the competition).

1. GENESIS: The Dancing of the Moonlight Knight ........  8.95
2. QUEENSRYCHE: Eyes of a Stranger .........  8.90
3. FISH: The Company ............. 8. 87
4. JETHRO TULL: We Used to Know ............  8.63
5. THERION: Midgard ............  8.59
   (The sixth song was 'Hall of the Mountain King' by Savatage that had a 8.56 average.)

And here is the whole playlist:

SAVATAGE: Hall of the mountain king / QUEENSRYCHE: Eyes of a stranger / RAINBOW: Eyes of the world / QUEEN: Tie your mother down / ATOMIC ROOSTER: Break the ice / WHO: Love Reign O’er me / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Aerie / JETHRO TULL: We Used to know / SIENA ROOT: Nightstalker / CARAVAN: Golf girl / GENESIS: Dancing with the moonlight knight / PALLAS: Ghost Dance / DUNWICH: Cassa Dell Alcimista / THERION: Midgard / DULCIMER: Sonnet to the Fall / DODSON & FOGG: The Leaves they Fall / INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: Sailor & the Dancer / VAN MORRISON & THE CHIEFTAINS: Irish Heartbeat / FISH: The Company / ARENA: Tears in the Rain / VDGG: Still life.

This was maybe one of the less-prog programs we ever did! 
But the people seemed to enjoyed it a lot! So everything is fine... :)
Thank you very much for logging in, and supporting out radio show.
We always try to become better...