Monday, April 8, 2013

Last night's Prog & Roll special show...

                               And the song of the month is..... 
   Good morning everybody and have a nice week!
Last night we had the special radio show I am mentioning in the previous post.
We had the big event of choosing the "Song of the Month".
It was a nice night and I believe the program was good in general.
Many people gathered and participated in the contest, and that made us happy.
I mean we are working a lot during every week in order to present a nice show, and is always good to know that our efforts are appreciated.
   Anyway, let's go to the program. Our show lasts for 2 hours, and yesterday was separated in two uneven parts. On the first part which lasted almost 45-50 minutes we had our normal program. On the second part that lasted almost 70 minutes we had the contest.
In the 5 radio shows we had in March we played about 85-90 songs in total. And according to our audience's votes those were the best 12 that reached this final stage. (Finally we played only 11 cause of sortage of time). Also, on March we played many songs that don't fall under the category of Progressive, because we wanted to widen our musical horizons a bit. And it seems we did the right thing, because most of these songs were highly rated. So, we played all those 11 songs, but this time the competition was not so fierce.
We knew beforehand that there was one song that most propably will win. And it did!
So, the 'Song of the Month' for March is: Iron Maiden's 'Phantom of the Opera'
And in the sametime it is the 3rd song that enters in our annual Top-12.
The big surprise of last night's contest for me was not the winning song, but the second one! Although I truly love Galahad's 'Empires Never Last', if I have to be honest I wasn't expecting it to reach the second place no way. Especially if you look the bands and the names of the songs in 3rd 4th and 5th place...
   And here I give you the final score of those 11 songs after last night's grading by our audience. The number next to each song is the average points they achieved.

1. IRON MAIDEN: Phantom of the Opera (Winner) ........ (9.18)
2. GALAHAD: Empires Never Last ....... (8.50)
3. BLACK SABBATH: Children of the Sea ........ (7.74)
4. CAMEL: Air Born ...... (7.71)
5. ELOY: Inside ........ (7.54)
6. TARNATION: Your Thoughts & Mine ......... (7.38)
7. RUSH: The Trees ....... (7.36)
8. KANSAS: The Wall ......... (7.35)
9. DONOVAN: Atlantis ........ (6.90)
10. STRAWBS: New World ..... (6.70)
11. GALAHAD: Richelieu's Prayer ......... (6.60)

GFreedom Team thank you all so very much that you are logging in at Sunday nights, and together we spend 2 very nice hours. Be sure we will try to improve our shows in every way possible!