Saturday, April 6, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.40

Here I am again with the usual 'Juke Box' post that I'm posting here every Saturday, on which I'm writing the best 5 songs I've listened through the week.
This time I had a problem choosing only 5 songs, and I was in a dilemma.
I mean it would be easier to make a top-10.
But that's the challenge I guess...
So, after I gave a good listen to the songs I had in mind, I decided on the final Top-5 songs, which are the following:

Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera (Iron Maiden) - 1980
The Doors: Spanish Caravan (Waiting for the Sun) - 1968
Galahad: Richelieu's Prayer (Beyond the Realms of Euphoria) - 2012
Porcupine Tree: How is your life Today? (Lıghtbulb Sun) - 2000
Phil Ochs: Too Many Martyrs (All the News that Fit to Sing) - 1964