Thursday, April 25, 2013

Siena Root live in Athens 18/4/2013

   It’s almost a week ago since Siena Root played live in Athens at the ‘Αν Club’, and here is a small review concerning that event.
Before Siena Root a Greek support band from Thessaloniki got on the stage, named Mother Turtle. They played for sometime, and they were really good. Their style was progressive rock, and their sound is surely influenced by some bands of the ‘70’s, like Camel or Genesis just to name a few. They seemed to enjoy their appearance before the main band, and I think they warm the audience a bit. Speaking about the audience I have to say that the place was not so crowded despite the cheap price of the tickets.
   After Mother Turtle, it was the time for Siena Root to occupy the stage. The band surprised everybody who was there, because first of all they were only four people, (the keyboard player was not with them), and they played a set based almost entirely on their first record.
With the absence of any keyboards (and also sitar), the band played a set totally Hard-Rock like, with very powerful adaptations of their songs. So all those who went to see them waiting to ‘trip-out’ I guess they left disappointed. But the truth is they gave a remarkable show by playing a pure Hard Rock set.
The new vocalist seemed to fit perfectly in the band with his voice, but also his hippie-like look. They played also a new song from their new forthcoming record, and that came as a nice surprise. The show lasted for about 75 minutes (which is not much of course), but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the audience left the club with a smile on their faces.
And here you can see the playlist:

Dreams Of Tomorrow (from "Far From The Sun")
Trippin (from "A New Day Dawning")
Little Man (from "A New Day Dawning")
Words (from "A New Day Dawning")
Rasayana (from "A New Day Dawning")
Into The Woods (from "A New Day Dawning")
Conveniently Blind (new song)
Until Time Leaves Us Again (from "A New Day Dawning")

Coming Home (from "A New Day Dawning")
Shine (from "A New Day Dawning")
Jungle Funk Station (from "Demo IV")