Monday, October 14, 2013

Prog & Roll radio show 13/10/2013. The review, top-5 and full playlist

Good morning all!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show as usual. This time it was not very easy, because the second member of GFreedom Team was taken ill and therefore wasn't able to participate. So I had to deal with everything on my own, including the playlist, the grading of the songs, and at the same time speaking in both English and Greek on the microphone. There were some times when I was very confused, but I tried to do my best, and I hope it was fine.
 As for our audience, there were many people coming and going, but this time there were fewer participating on the chatbox than usual.
Once more we did play our usual 'game' with the grading of the songs, and according to people's grades here's the Top-5 songs from last night's playlist:

1. The Moody Blues: Melancholy Man
2. Barclay James Harvest: The Poet / After the Day
3. Procol Harum: A Rum Tale
4. Queen: Somebody to Love
5. Jefferson Airplane: Aerie

And here you can see the whole playlist:

MACHIAVEL: Moments / SWEET SMOKE: I’d rather burn than disappear / RAW MATERIAL: Time & Illusion / CARAVAN: In the land of Grey & Pink / THE RUNNING MAN: Higher & Higher / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Aerie / BLIND GUARDIAN: Thorn / DORIAN OPERA: Follow your Heart / EPICA: Chasing the Dragon / THERION: Asgaro / MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: It’s All over now baby blue (music contest) / KANSAS: Can I Tell you / AYREON: The Castle Hall / MIΝSTREL’S GHOST: Avalon (part.3) / QUEEN: Somebody to love / PROCOL HARUM: A Rum Tale / SUPERTRAMP: If Everyone was Listening / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: The Poet-After the Day / THE MOODY BLUES: Melancholy Man / EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: C’est La Vie. 

Thank you all for joining in last night, participating and helping me throughout the whole show. As for next Sunday, we are preparing a special theme show, but I will not reveal anything at the moment. 
Have a nice week folks, and thanks for reading!
In the following video you can listen to the song that was voted as No.1 last night.