Monday, October 7, 2013

Prog & Roll radio show 6/10/2013. The review, top-5 and full playlist...

Hello all! :)
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show, which IMO was a really good one!
   For starters we had Chris Wade (of the Folk-Rock band Dodson & Fogg) during the whole show online, and we were altogether chatting, commenting on the songs, having fun etc... He shared some very interesting info with us, and at the end he told us that it was a very good show and he will be coming back in order to listen to our show, and enjoy the company.
   Of course we were informed from before that he would join us, so in order to honor him we prepared a half-hour tribute to the English Folk-Rock scene, and his band as well.
   As you know already our show lasts for 2 hours. So we divided them into 4 half-hour parts, and we made 3 different theme parts. In the first part we played some songs in general like we usually do. On the second part we had an 'Ethnic' theme, on the third part we had the Folk-Rock theme, and on the fourth and last one we had a mini tribute to the English Progressive Rock bands of the '70's.
   We had a very big crowd listening, and once more we played our little 'game' on which we ask from our audience to grade the songs we play. Chris Wade refused gently to participate, but after a while I think he seemed to enjoy the music really much so he ended up grading a few songs as well... :)
   Something very important was the fact that all the Top-5 songs achieved to gather an average rating of 9.00 or higher! That is something that never happened before on our show. And further than that, there were  4 more songs which achieved to gather an average rating of 8.5 minimum, and therefore are going to participate on the 'song of the Month' contest. Do you realize that we had 19 songs in our playlist and 9 of them scored an average rating of 8.5 or higher? I was speechless!
Anyway, here are the best 5 songs from last night's show as were voted by our audience: (The number inside the parenthesis is the average score of each song)

1. STRAWBS: Autumn (9.50)
2. RAINBOW: Gates of Babylon  (9.43)
3. DODSON & FOGG: Flying High  (9.28)
4. THE TEA PARTY: Sister Awake  (9.12)
5. MELLOW CANDLE: Heaven Heath  (9.00) 

And here are the rest of the songs which didn't enter the Top-5, but because of the 8.5+ rating they achieved to be able to participate in the contest for the "Song of the Month"...

 VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: The Undercover Man  (8.95)
 DREAM THEATER: Pull me Under  (8.88)
 TREES: Geordie  (8.87)
 LED ZEPPELIN: Kashmir  (8.66)

And here you can see the whole playlist:

Part 1: MIKE OLDFIELD: Poison Arrows / MAGIC PIE: Headlines / FATES WARNING: Static Acts / DREAM THEATER: Pull me Under.
Part 2: THE TEA PARTY: Sister Awake / MYRATH: Merciless Times / LED ZEPPELIN: Kashmir / RAINBOW: Gates of Babylon.
Part.3: DONOVAN: Colours / DODSON & FOGG: Endless Sky / TRADER HORNE: Jenny May / TREES: Geordie / DODSON & FOGG: Flying High / MELLOW CANDLE: Heaven Heath / DODSON & FOGG: Hear it in the Morning.
Part 4: RENAISSANCE: Island / STRAWBS: Autumn / PINK FLOYD: Pigs / VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: The Undercover Man. 

I want to thank all of you who logged in last night, and helped us in order to put out a really good show! Thanks Folks! :)

And concluding this post, I'm adding a video on which you can listen to last night's winning song...