Monday, May 5, 2014

Just In Case Prog Radio's Marathon night... A Review.

Hello all!
As I mentioned in a previous post a few days ago, this week is Radio's 2nd birthday.
So we decided to make a music-marathon night, which started early in the afternoon, and as the time was passing more producers were coming and participating in it.
Speaking for myself, I started playing music together with the owner of the station from the start, which was at 19.00 Greek time, (17.00 UK time), and together, we kept going for almost 2 hours more or less. That was the best part in my opinion, because it was afternoon, it was relaxing, and we had many people coming and going in the chatbox, saying their wishes etc.
After 21.00 (19.00 UK) most of the producers were there, and took over. I was playing a few songs from time to time, but most of the time I was listening to music, chatting with the others etc. In general we had a nice atmosphere, with lots of fun, and that was something our listeners could easily understand from the laughter and the funny comments while the microphones were open.
  But there was another thing as well. We had a contest running during this last week, and last night it was time to announce the winners, and give them their awards. We received 30 mails with the right answer, therefore we had to make a lottery in order to find out who the winners will be.
The awards were 20 cd's from many Greek and foreign bands, and at about 22.00 (20.00 UK time) we started the lottery, which was another fun thing to do.
 And after that, we made a small break for almost half hour, and then we continued with the music.
 In a nutshell, it was a fun night, and I hope all those who joined the radio enjoyed it.
The songs I chose to play in last night's marathon, were some of my all time favorite songs, from many different kinds of music. Here is the list of the songs I played (In a random order):

Barclay James Harvest: She Said, David Bowie: The Man who Sold the World, Distorted Harmony: Breathe, Eloy: Mutiny, Emerson Lake & Palmer: Jerusalem, Genesis: The Knife, Love: Always see your Face, Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Road to Babylon, Marillion: Fugazi, Pavlov's Dog: Gold Nuggets, Porcupine Tree: Always Never, Queen: My Fairy King, Renaissance: The Vultures Fly High, Rush: The Trees & A Farewell to Kings, Scorpions: Fly to the Rainbow, Steeleye Span: Alisson Gross, Uriah Heep: Echoes in the Dark, Van Der Graaf Generator: Childlike Faith in Childhood's End.

I want to thank Mr. All Around for organizing last night's event, and all of you who logged in and listened to our marathon. Thank you for your kind comments and warm wishes!