Monday, May 12, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 11/5/2014 The Full Playlist...

Hello everybody!
Last night I did one more Prog & Roll Radio Show, as usual on every Sunday night. Once more I run the show all by myself because my co-host is out of the country, and therefore she was unable to participate.
In last night's playlist I tried to combine some very popular songs with some unknown ones. I believe the result was very good, and everybody seemed to enjoy it! Because if you listen only very famous songs one after the other, after sometime time it becomes kind of boring. The same happens if you listen only unknown songs in a row. But the combination of those two, works very good I think...
So, here's last night's playlist to check if you want:

PINK FLOYD: Time / MIKE OLDFIELD: Moonlight Shadow / RAW MATERIAL: Time & Illusion / PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: The Jeweller / JETHRO TULL: Aqualung / SUPERTRAMP: Breakfast in America / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Rock n’ Roll Star / JAMIE ROSAS: Memoria / IL RUMORE BIANCO: Tutto un Sogno (Pt.2) / PAVLOV’S DOG: Julia / LOVE: Alone Again or / THE BEATLES: Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite / TIM BUCKLEY: Goodbye & Hello / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Lather / PROCOL HARUM: Rambling on / THE MOODY BLUES: Ride my See-Saw / MERCURY REV: Tonite it Shows / AMAROK: Fieldmour I / SPIRAL KEY: Colder than Heaven / ANNIE HASLAM: Still Life / LISA GERRARD: Largo
I want to thank all of you who joined last night's Prog & Roll, hoping you spend two enjoyable hours with me and  the music I chose to play.
See you on next Sunday! :)