Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just In Case Prog Radio Presents: A Musical Marathon...

  Hello everybody, and have a nice month! :)
I'm writing this post in order to inform you about a forthcoming event.
This week Just in Case Prog Radio has a 2-years birthday, so we decided to make something special in order to celebrate it.
  So, on this Sunday 4/5/2014, almost all the producers will gather up and participate to a music marathon which will start at 19.00 Greek time, and will continue for as long as we can. (The marathon will start at 18.00 Cet, 17.00 UK time, 18.00 Italy time, etc).
 So, this Sunday's PROG & ROLL will be cancelled, but I will participate in the marathon together with the rest of the producers. 
 Speaking for myself, I will choose to play some of my all-time most beloved songs from different music genres.
 I believe this event will be a lot of fun both for us and the listeneres as well, because you will be able to listen many different music styles one after the other, depending on the people who will be behind the microphone and therefore choose the music.
You can join our marathon by clicking this link:
I think that's enough for now, I hope to see you online on Sunday night.
Thank you.