Thursday, May 15, 2014

GFreedom's Channel on YouTube. An Update...

Hello everybody!
A few weeks ago I wrote a post here about my new channel on YouTube.
Today I'm writing a review of the things I did in this channel so far...
  The first idea was to upload not so famous songs or not so famous bands to start with. (With some exceptions of course). Further than that, I had in mind to start posting in alphabetically order.
So, during the first 2 weeks I was uploading only songs from bands which start with the letter 'A'. But then I quit doing it, because every now and then there were some songs I wanted to upload, but because the band's name was starting with another letter I wasn't. And although I have a rather fast pace in uploading songs, (42 songs in almost 3 weeks so far), imagine when I would be able to upload a song from 'Whitesnake' for example! So, what I'm doing now is that I'm still uploading in this alphabetical order I mentioned, but not in a strict way.
 If any of you wants to pay a visit to my channel and see what's in there, open YT, go to channels search and then type "George Eleftheriou". In the results you will see quite a few channels under this name, but mine is the one with the 'Jester' as avatar.
If you like what will you see there, subscribe, or share, or download, or like, or just listen.
I hope many more of you will visit soon, and find some music you will like...
Thank you... :)

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