Monday, January 12, 2015

Prog & Roll radio show on 11/1/2015 with guest musicians on the chatbox. The full playlist and more...

Last night we had one more PRog & Roll radio show us usual.
 Once more we had some musicians who joined our show, listened to music and had a chat with us and the people who were gathered there etc.This time we had both members of 'Salander' (Dave Smith & Dave Curnow), who logged in from England, and Marco De Angelis from Rome. The chatbox was once more on fire, and from time to time we had lots of fun.
  As for the music, we continued playing songs from albums which were released in 2014 mixed with older ones, with only one exception: The second part. For this part we had an unusual and rather bizare music prepared, and we actually tried to blend Medieval-Folk tunes with modern Folk-Metal and Industrial Metal.
 It was a difficult and kind of "challenging" half hour, but I believe it was an interesting one.
 Because we were very tired, we didn't make an 'encore' this time, so the show ended on time.
As for the songs we played you can see them here:

MARCO DE ANGELIS: Never look back / JOSH & CO LIMITED: Land of the Gods / ANTON ROOLAART: Gravity / MARCO DE ANGELIS: Tell my why / DEAD CAN DANCE: Saltarello / CORVUS CORAX: Saltarello / TRIDDANA: Men of clay / SKILTRON: Bagpipes of war / TANZWUT: Das Gerucht / RAMMSTEIN: Feuer Frei / MOSTLY AUTUMN: Not yours to take / SALANDER: Ever after / PALLAS: Shadow of the sun / PENDRAGON: Faces of light / P.A.W.N: The Princess is out tonight / EDEN: Spatergen / JETHRO TULL: Heavy Horses / SIENA ROOT: In my kitchen.
 I want to thank all of you who logged in and listened to Prog & Roll, and a special thanks to Marco, Dave & Dave.
I hope all of you had some nice time with us and the music we chose to play.
Thank you!