Monday, January 5, 2015

Last night's first Prog & Roll radio show of 2015. The full playlist.

Hello everybody!
Last night we had the first Prog & Roll radio show of 2015, and here I am today in order to write down a few things about it.
 It was a good show I believe, and as it seemed all the people who gathered had a nice time. This time we had lots of fun in the chatbox, and we laughed a lot.
 In the plaulist, we included some songs from albums which are candidates for Prog & Roll's 2014 Top-10 album list, and furthermore we included many old classic rock and psychedelic songs. We also added a song by Nick Cave which we dedicated to the memory of all those who died in the big naval tragedy which happened a few days ago in the Adriatic sea. So as you can understand, the playlist was kind of mixed up this time.
 We finised the show with the "epic" song, which was 'The Musical Box' by Genesis, and because there were many people who were asking for an 'encore' we made them vote for one more song. We wrote 3 songs on the chatbox, and we let them decide which of the 3 songs they would like to listen to as last one.
 Here you can see the whole playlist from last night:

VERBAL DELIRIUM: The loosing game / BREATHING SPACE: Below the Radar / INTROITUS: You will always be my girl / KAYAK: She rules my world / NICK CAVE: The weeping song / BLUES PILLS: No hope left for me / FLEETWOOD MAC: Black magic woman / QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE: Dino’s song / RARE EARTH: Feeling alright / TRAFFIC: Pearly Queen / RAW MATERIAL: Time & Illusion / IQ: Ten million demons / KAIPA: World of the void / THE SAMURAI OF PROG: Sweet Iphigenia / TRANSATLANTIC: Black as the sky / FOCUS: Why dream / THE MOODY BLUES: The land of make believe 
Epic song: GENESIS: The musical box 
Encore: DEEP PURPLE: Burn.
Thank you all who joined our show, hoping you enjoyed it.
We'll see you again on next Sunday at the same time.