Thursday, January 15, 2015

My channel on youTube reached 100.000 views...

Hello all!
I'm really happy to announce that my channel on YouTube exceeded 100.000 views in almost 9 months.
 In these 9 months I uploaded almost 290 videos from different music categories, and gained 130 subscribers. As for likes & dislikes, the total number is: 716 likes / 5 dislikes so far.
If you visit my channel, you will see that I made 5 playlists in order to make it easier for you.
The playlists are: 
1. Rock in general: 91 songs
2. Hard & Heavy: 33 songs
3. Progressive: 164 songs
4. Folk-Rock: 25 songs
5. Other: 12 songs
 If you are interested to find my channel, go to YouTube's main page, click on 'Browse channels', and in the space that writes 'search channels' write George Eleftheriou. Mine is usualy the first that appears, and has the 'Jester' as avatar.
I want to thank all of you who are visiting my channel, subscribing, commenting, liking etc.
I hope you found some nine music in there. :-)