Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Demis Roussos passed away...

A couple of days ago Demis Roussos passed away at the age of 69 in a hospital in Athens.
 He was one of the most known Greek singers in Europe, with a very big career since the '60's.
  He joined his first band named 'The Idols' when he was just 17 years old, before moving to Paris together with his friend Vangelis Papathanasiou. There they formed up 'Aphrodite's Child', and enjoyed a very big sucess with songs like 'Rain and Tears' 'End of the world' 'Spring Summer Winter and Fall' etc. The fame of Aphrodite's Child spread all over Europe very fast, and their songs climbed in many singles charts, selling over 20.000.000 records. Their last album was the legendary '666' on which they tried a musical turn into Progressive Rock, and it is considered as a "cult" and "must have" album, even today.
 After Aphrodite's Child were split, he followed a solo career with a very big sucess, giving a numberless amound of concerts, and selling over 60.000.000 albums worldwide.
                      R.I.P Demis, you will always be remembered...
 In the following videos you can listen to a couple of songs by Aphrodite's Child.