Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Morrissey live in Athens (December 2014). The setlist...

Almost 3 weeks ago Morrissey gave a concert in Athens, but I was so busy at the time so I didn't even bother to try to find a few info about it.
The days passed, and I totally forgot about the concert. But a few days ago I decided to make a small research, and write here the concert's setlist.
As far as I read the concert was a really good one, and Morrissey was in great form despite the health problems he was facing lately.
 His performance lastet for almost 2 hours, and the setlist was based on his brand new album 'world peace is none of your business'. As for the crowd, there is an estimation of almost 6-7.000 people. Not bad at all...
At the end of the post I added a couple of videos from that concert, so you can take a look if you like.
 Here you can see the concert's setlist:

The Queen Is Dead
Kiss Me A Lot
Staircase At The University
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Neal Cassady Drops Dead
One Of Our Own
The Bullfighter Dies
Yes, I Am Blind
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Smiler With Knife
I'm Not A Man
Certain People I Know
Trouble Loves Me
Meat Is Murder
How Soon Is Now?