Monday, July 25, 2016

MUSE Live in Athens (23/7/2016). The setlist.

As I wrote in this blog almost a week ago, the English band Muse gave a live performance in front of the Greek audience on Saturday the 23rd of July.  
The concert took place in a beautiful place next to the sea, and it was packed! A crowd of more than 25.000 people was gathered in order to enjoy the show.
Muse gave a professional and impressive performance that lasted for almost 100 minutes.
I'm adding here the concert's setlist and right after that a YT link in which you can watch the song Time is Running Out from the Athens concert. The video is from a mobile phone I guess, so the sound quality is not good, but it is worth checking it, if not for nothing else, then for the impressive crowd's sing along.
MUSE 23/7/16 Athens Greece:

Drill Sergeant / Psycho / Plug In Baby / Hysteria / Butterflies & Hurricanes / Bliss / The 2nd Law: Isolated System / The Handler / Supermassive Black Hole / Madness / Dead Inside / Starlight / Time Is Running Out / The Globalist / Drones.
Encore:  Uprising / Mercy / Knights of Cydonia.