Monday, July 11, 2016

Prog & Roll VS Football (10/7/2016). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all! :-)
  Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online as usual. To be honest, I was perfectly sure that it would be a failure, because our show was beginning at the same time with the Euro's final game between France and Portugal. So I was expecting a very quiet and kind of boring evening. I'm really glad and proud to say that it was quite the opposite actually. Yes, we had fewer people listening (and on the chatbox) than usual, but we had a good number of people who joined our show. The French were of course missing, but that is totally normal.
  The result was that we spent 2 very pleasant hours altogether, while listening to music and chating through the chatbox. We begun our show with some classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the '80's and we continued with some Neo-Psychedelic bands. We played songs from many different music genres once more and this time we included some bands and artists that we never played before. (Mosty because their style doesn't match Prog & Roll's style so much). The people seemed to enjoy the whole thing, so I believe it was a success. As for next Sunday's show, we are preparing something very special with many surprises, because it will be the last show before our summer break. But because I'm going to write a post about it in the following days, I will say no more.
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist from last night:
Part 1: GARY MOORE: Wild Frontier / QUEENSRYCHE: Warning / OZZY OSBOURNE: The Ultimate Sin / IRON MAIDEN: Quest for Fire / TYGERS OF PANG TANG: Mirror / HELLOWEEN: A Tale that wasn’t Right.
Part 2:  THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Anemone / SABBATH ASSEMBLY: The Saints shall Inherit the Earth / PURSON: The Sky Parade / AMY WINEHOUSE: Back to Black.
Part 3: JETHRO TULL: Broadsword / KANSAS: Miracles out of Nowhere / DAVID GILMOUR: Cry from the Street / JEFF BUCKLEY: Grace.
Part 4: BIG BIG TRAIN: Wassail / KWOON: Schizophrenic / ARCADE FIRE: Neigborhood #1 / THE PINEAPPLE THIEF: Don’t Tell Me / PENDRAGON: Shadow.

I would like to say a very big thanks for listening to our show last night, despite the football on TV. I must admit that it was something I wasn’t expecting, and I felt very happy. I know that we have said that again and again in our show, but I really believe that we are blessed to have such a fantastic audience!
Thank you all! :-)

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