Tuesday, July 12, 2016

MUSE Live in Athens. (23/7/2016)

   I'm writing this post in order to inform you that in a few days from   now, the world famous and powerful English band Muse will be in  Athens for a single live appearance. They will be the  headliners on the second day of Ejekt festival, together with Unkle and Temple.
 This will be the 2nd time that Muse will play live in Athens, and because I missed the first one I'm thinking of going to see them this time. From some videos I watched, their shows are really powerful and impressive, so I'm hoping to see a really good concert.
 The concert will take place at a beautiful place next to the sea named 'Plateia Nerou", and the tickets cost 53€. 
So, in case you are living in Athens, or you will be here as visitors on the 23rd of July, here's your chance to see a very good concert!

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