Monday, July 18, 2016

The 150th Prog & Roll radio show. A small “review” & the complete playlist.

  Last night the last Prog & Roll of the season was online for the last time, before the Summer break. Further than that, it was the 150th show, that’s why we wanted to prepare something really good and enjoyable. Judging by the people’s reactions I can say we did it!
  So, what happened during last night’s show? First of all, during the previous week, we asked from 3 of our listeners to record a small message and send it over, in order to play it on the air. They could include anything they wanted on this message; summer wishes, fun things, even asking for a song; but in that case they should introduce it instead of us, as our co-hosts let’s say. All 3 responded, and each of them recorded something different. The funniest one was the message that Benjamin Bell recorded, in which he sung the lyrics of The Temples of Syrinx (by Rush), which he changed in order to fit our show.
  Furthermore, we prepared a game that we named as Prog & Roll Trivia, which was including 8 questions + a music quiz. We were asking the questions during the show, and the first 3 answers each time were rewarded with points. At the end of the show, the person with the highest amount of points would be the winner, taking as a prize the CD of the Greek Progressive Rock/Folk band Ciccada, The Finest of Miracles, signed by all the members of the band. I have to say that the competition was fierce, and we didn’t know who was going to win up to the last question. Finally, the winner was Benjamin Bell, having as second Florian Decros with only 1 point difference! We also rewarded Florian for his efforts with a download code for the album The Clockwork Fable by Gandalf’s Fist. 3rd came ‘Filaraki’, with 3 points difference, but we didn’t have any more prizes to give unfortunately.
  At one point, one of our listener’s, Sarah from UK, said that because she wanted to contribute somehow to this 150th show, she made something for us. So, she wrote a link on the chatbox, and when we opened it we were speechless! Because what we saw was this lovely cake that you see in the picture on the right. She made that cake for the 150th show, took a picture and send it to us! Unbelievable! The only bad thing was that we couldn’t taste it, and it looks yummy! :-)
  Well, that’s what happened more or less during last night’s Prog & Roll. What I cannot describe here, is the fun we had altogether on the chatbox while listening to music. Speaking of which, take a look at the songs we played:
Part 1: DAVID BOWIE: Starman / MARILLION: The Last Straw / PINK FLOYD: Not now John / ELOY: Waves of Intuition / NEKTAR: King of Twillight.
Part 2: ‘Filaraki’ is introducing the next song / SAVATAGE: Power of the Night / JUDAS PRIEST: Diamonds & Rust / Introduction to Temples of Syrinx by Benjamin Bell / RUSH: 2112 (Overture & The Temples of Syrinx) / RAINBOW: Stargazer.
Part 3: THE BYRDS: Mr. Tambourine Man (music quiz) / THE CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND: I’m not Like Everybody Else / ELECTRIC PRUNES: Antique Doll / THE BEATLES: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds / THE ROLLING STONES: She’s a Rainbow / LOVE: Alone Again or…
Part 4: CICCADA: Lemos / JETHRO TULL: Songs from the Wood / STEELEYE SPAN: Gone to America (Live) / THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: Red Hair / Closing speech and holiday wishes by ‘Kudosarian’.
At this point I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all those who took some time out of their lives in order to do all these beautiful things for us, and with their love and support are giving us strength to carry on! We are really blessed to have such a fantastic audience! Have a great Summer, we will “see” you again in September. 
Thank you very much!

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