Friday, February 15, 2013

GFreedom Team Presents: The World is a Game

Hello folks!
  I'm writing this post in order to inform you about tomorrow's event we have on the internet radio I have mentioned lots of times here...
Tomorrow (Saturday 16/2/13) and at 18.00GMT (20.00 Greek Time) GFreedom Team will present the latest album of the Canadian band "Mystery" called "The World is a Game", that was released last year.
  What does that mean? At the specific hour, we will be online (not as a live show though, with microphones etc), and we will play the whole album for you. We will be on the chatbox, writing comments, giving info where needed, and chat with everybody that will be online at that time.
The presentation will last for an hour, which is actually the length of the album.
  We communicated already with the band and we trying to have someone from the band online with us at that time, but I'm not so sure that will finally happen. But sometimes this can happen the last minute. So there is still hope.
But in any case it is a very good album that you should listen to, if you are fans of this kind of music of course...
  Furthermore, (since I'm already on the subject), don't forget that on Sunday night we have our regular radio show which is live and lasts for two hours. From 20.00 - 22.00GMT (22.00-24.00 Greek Time). So if on Sunday night you are in a mood for some good music, but also for a friendly and fun company, you can join us here:
You can use this link for tomorrow night's presentation as well of course...
And closing this, I'm posting here a video for you to have a small idea about Mystery.
It's the song The World is a Game from the same titled album I was just talking about...
Enjoy! :)