Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nick Cave's new song for Athens...

Nick Cave is a musician that has a special bond with Athens (Greece).
He performed live I don't know how many times (but they are a lot!), he is coming for holidays, and he has many friends here.
As you can understand there is something very big here between him and the Greeks.
In the last year he was listening about the terrible things that are happening in whole Greece, but especially in Athens, and he decided to write a song to protest in his way against all these very sad things. The song is entitled "Lightning Bolts" and the idea is taken from the God of the ancient Greeks, Zeus. (The father of all Gods). In the lyrics he tries to describe the situation in Greece lately, but also his personal feelings.
You can see the video of that song here, and you can read the lyrics as well.
It is a rather bizarre song, but as I mentioned above, it is actually a protest song.
Thank you Nick Cave!