Friday, February 8, 2013


Today I will present here a new band that comes from Israel.
They are called Distorted Harmony, and their music style is pure Progressive Metal. Their music reminds one bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X mostly, and that means that here we have some very skilled musicians.
A few months ago they released their debut album named 'Utopia' which is a rather good start-up!
I might not be a great fan of Progressive Metal, but this band clicked in my ears. And I also like supporting new bands when they try to play something good.
'Utopia' contains only 6 songs, all of them rather long and enough complicated. The production is very satisfying, and in general what we have here is a good start...
If I have to find their weak spot, that in my opinion is their singer's voice. No, it's not bad at all! But it isn't anything special as well.
And here's a little something that you might find interesting: Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 9/2), at the radio station that I have my radio program, there will be a presentation of the album, by a very good producer named Thanos Patsos. He will present the whole album, which lasts for almost an hour. But the surprise is that he arranged for one member of Distorted Harmony to be 'On Air' at the same time, speaking with all of us, (through the chatbox), answering questions, and in general have a relaxed chat with everyone. This 'Special Guest' is Yoav Efron, the main composer and keyboard player of the band.
So I guess it is a great chance to listen to the album, and at the same time you can speak to a member of the band. Not bad eh?
The presentation starts at 20.00 (Greek Time) or 18.00GMT. I will be there for sure, and I hope many of you as well...
And now it is time for a couple of videos, in order to get an idea of the band.
I chose 2 songs from this album: 'Kono Yume' (the opening track) and 'Utopia' (the closing track). These two songs are in my opinion maybe the best of the record...