Thursday, February 7, 2013

TV Series: COMMUNITY (Season 2 & 3)

Almost a month ago, I wrote a review about this sitcom American series, called Community.
If anyone wants to read that review, click on the link below:
   After finishing the first season, I started watching the second one. And what a nice surprise! The second season is in my opinion far better than the first. Maybe because I got used to the characters and the style of humor? Or maybe because in this second season the actors are adopting their characters better? Or maybe because the scriptwriters were more inspired? I have no idea!
Truth is, it probably is a little bit of all those together. The actors are acting their roles better I think, the scripts are better by far, and on the top of that, there are a couple of surprise episodes that really impressed me! (I don't want to get into details here because I will spoil the surprise and the fun).
And a very big + for the really epic season finale!  In my review of season 1 I wrote that I wouldn't give a rank more than 7 no way! Well, for this second season this 7 will probably would become 7.5-8.00.
Unfortunately the season 3 isn't anywhere near season 2. It became kind of boring at some point, and I really made efforts in order to finish it. This time they took the plot too far, and they tried to make funny things out of no-funny situations. The result as I said before is boring. And it is really pity, because after season 2 my expectations were raised. (Well, maybe that's why I didn't like it so much after all)...The surprise they were keeping for us is the appearance of John Goodman in a few episodes, but I'm affraid it wasn't enough...
But of course this is just my point of view, right? Everybody can have his/her own point of view.
And you won't until you watch it yourselves. I really would like to see some comments here from people that have watched these 3 seasons to see what they are thinking about...
Anyway, in the following videos you can see two very short trailers for seasons 2 and 3.
Sorry, but I couldn't find any better ones...