Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spotlights On: DODSON & FOGG

   Today I decided to make a small presentation of this brand new English band because I believe they are really worth becoming more known.
   Starting from their name, I must say that there is no one in the band called Dodson or Fogg. Both names are taken from two characters from Charles Dickens' book "The Pickwick papers" issued back in 1836. The founder/composer/songwriter etc of the band is Mr.Chris Wade, that he might be the new trobadour of the English Folk-Rock scene. His main idea  (as far as it seems at least) was to revive the Folk-Rock sound and style of the '70's. And I have to admit he does it really very well!
In order to do that, he gathered around him some very good musicians, and some of the "heavy" names of the '70's, such as:
Celia Humphris on vocals (From the band 'Trees')
Judy Dyble on vocals (From the band 'Fairport Convention')
Nik Turner on flute (From the band 'Hawkwind')
   With members like them on the band, you got an advantage at hand from the start, don't you agree?
They have released two records so far, and both within less than 6 months period! Their first one called after their name, was released on October of 2012, and the second one named 'Derring Do' was released almost a month ago. (On the second record there has been a change to the members, with Alison O' Donnell (from the band 'Mellow Candle') replacing Judy Dyble).
   Their music is Folk Rock ballads, with rather plain sound, that are based mostly on string and wind instruments. (acoustic guitar, violin, cello, flute, etc). For the ones that are familiar with this kind of music, I could say that they remind me of  Donovan somehow. Their sound is rather melancholic, and it takes you back in the 70's instantly. You know, it is the kind of music that you wish that it was raining, and you are siting next to a fireplace with a glass of drink in your hand... :)
There is no reason to make this longer, it is just an introduction to the band anyway, so without further delay I'm posting here two videos for you so you can have a small idea...
Enjoy! :)