Tuesday, February 19, 2013


                                CANABIS INDIA

A German trio from Dusseldorf, that was highly influenced by the Progressive sound of English bands such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes etc…
They were formed in 1971, but they never were able to become known not even in Germany.
One of their best moments was when they performed live as an opening act for Beggar’s Opera. Their sound is heavy, filled of Hammond, and in some cases it reminds the sound of Jon Lord. (The keyboard player of Deep Purple).  They were disbanded in 1974, without having released any record  ‘till then. But in 2009 ‘Long HairRecords’ collected all their recordinds and put them in one record, under the name ‘SWF Session 1973’…

                             CAROL OF HARVEST

Another short-lived German band. I wrote a special post about them a few months ago in the series of posts: ‘In the Spotlight’. If you want, you can find it here: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=7320831500150546160#editor/target=post;postID=1215682844753464518


And another German band…
Chandelier were formed in the end of the’80’s and they released their first record named ‘Pure’ in 1990. They were ‘accused’ as the German Marillion, but I can’t say I agree with that. They were a 5-person band, and they retained their original line up until the end, about 7-8 years later. Two years later, (1992) they released their second album named ‘Facing Gravity’ that is considered as their best effort in general. Their third and last album ‘Timecode’ was released in 1997, but their sound had changed to a more mainstream one. After this record the band was disbanded. If I have to recommed a record from Chandelier, this could be their second one, ‘Facing Gravity’…
In the following video you can listen to the song 'Start it' from their album 'Facing Gravity'
                                       CIRCUS MAXIMUS

Circus Maximus is a Norwegian Prog-Metal band, that was founded in 2000. Although is a full time band, almost all their members are having side projects on the side. Because of the many different musical influenses of the band members, their sound varies from one song to another. At a song for example one can find some pop-like melodies, and in the next one heavy guitar riffs.
At the start of their carreer they recorded 2 demos that made them quite famous in Norway mostly, and a few other European countries. They signed a record contract, and on 2004 their first record named ‘The first Chapter’ was ready! The producer was the rather famous Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Preety Maids), and that explains the very good production of the album. Two more records followed, ‘Isolate’ in 2007, and   ‘Nine’ in 2012, but if you ask me to suggest one, this would be their first.        
In the following video you can listen to their Epic (kind of) song 'Glory of the Empire'